Slide GOLDEN EGG Gender-responsive agricultural research for development EXPLORE

Nicoline de Haan
Platform Director


Graham Thiele
Program Director
CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas

The portal guides critical questions and methods for gender-responsive agricultural research for development.

These gender-responsive resources cover most of the AR4D themes across food systems such as breeding, participatory varietal selection, seed systems, pest and disease control, market chains, scaling, and gender and youth in agriculture. It includes rich stories from practical experiences such as how and why gender matters in the adoption of technologies and how to address structural inequalities that determine unequal access to and distribution of resources. Gender-responsiveness thus goes beyond mere sex-disaggregation of data to consider how any proposed agri-food innovation will affect sub-groups of society. This is crucial if we are to foster the kinds of gender transformation that are required to address existing inequities and improve livelihoods for the marginalized.

The portal is designed for agricultural researchers, extension workers and development practitioners who are interested in integrating gender in agricultural research and interventions. It includes practical tools, methods and guidelines for gender-responsive approaches with relevant publications. While originally developed for root, tuber and banana crop systems in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia, it can be applied to other crop systems as well as other regions.

We see this gender resource portal as a key contribution from RTB in the transition to the new One CGIAR framework. It features one of the RTB golden eggs collective assets, informing new initiatives being developed in the transition to the new One CGIAR. The portal will also contribute to the resource hub of the GENDER Platform where gender researchers share experiences and learn from each other. We look forward to watching them thrive and grow in tandem with One CGIAR.

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